The Importance of Teaching Paradigm Shift

Does teaching as a process of imparting knowledge in today’s technological age is still valid? What if the teacher (read: teacher) did not impart knowledge to people they teach? Are … Continue Reading →

Questioning Teacher Morality

Teachers pee standing up, piss pupil ran. Thus the parable which has traditionally given to the importance of keeping the behavior or morality of teachers. Teachers who memunyai morality will … Continue Reading →

Overcome Technology Integrated Oil Spill from ITB

Students Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB) unremitting innovation. Seeing the vulnerability of marine pollution caused by oil spills, two students of ITB, namely Evan Febrianto from the Department of Electrical … Continue Reading →

Planting Character Education Early

The impact of globalization is happening today bringing the Indonesian people forget the educational character of the nation. Events such as corruption, collusion and nepotism that today shows that the … Continue Reading →